Our XMPP service is currently in transition. Registrations are currently closed on the old server, pending its replacement in late July 2018. (If for whatever reason you really want/need an account under the club.cc.cmu.edu domain right now, send email to operations AT club.cc.cmu.edu—though it's easier for us if you can wait!)

However, we are currently running a test server that runs the same software and the configuration that we'd like to roll out for the new XMPP server. We're asking folks to try logging into the test server and provide us with feedback/concerns before we deploy the new production server for the club.cc.cmu.edu domain.

To use the test server, configure your XMPP client with the following settings:
Username: your cclub user name
Domain: test.club.cc.cmu.edu
Password: your cclub password (or a dedicated XMPP password, contact operations AT club.cc.cmu.edu to set one up)
Connection Security: require encryption

The settings above should be sufficient for most clients. But, if it doesn't work with your client, also try setting:
Connect Port: 5222
Connect Server: jabber.test.club.cc.cmu.edu

The test server is using a certificate signed by the cclub CA. (For some more information, see http://www.club.cc.cmu.edu/doc/clubca.) The certificate's SHA1 fingerprint is D2:68:8B:E0:E4:20:FA:36:72:F7:7C:C0:D3:B1:EE:11:03:F9:38:79 and its SHA256 fingerprint is AC:7A:B4:63:F9:15:8D:AB:64:C6:C9:65:6E:33:FF:41:3C:F2:D5:A5:5C:D3:1E:82:97:70:45:64:93:4B:2D:DF. Because the certificate is not signed by an official CA, most other XMPP servers will not allow you to communicate with their users (a notable exception being the current production server for club.cc.cmu.edu). This should hopefully be resolved when we deploy the production server.

State on the test server will not be saved or transitioned to the new production server. However, we will make a best effort attempt to transition state on the current production server to the new production server.

In approximately late July 2018, assuming that there were no serious issues with the test server, we'll transition the production XMPP service. We'll provide more details on the time frame in July 2018. The transition will be disruptive, as we will need to take the current XMPP server down, transition its saved state and data, and then bring up the new server. We anticipate this could lead to the cclub XMPP service being unavailable for up to a few days.

If you need help/have comments/want to report a problem—please send email to operations AT club.cc.cmu.edu, or mention the issue in the help AT conference-public.test.club.cc.cmu.edu chatroom.

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