We transitioned our XMPP service to a new VM and software stack on September 5–7, 2018.

To use the server, configure your XMPP client with following settings:
Username: your cclub user name
Domain: club.cc.cmu.edu
Password: your cclub password (or a dedicated XMPP password, contact operations AT club.cc.cmu.edu to set one up)
Connection Security: require encryption

The settings above should be sufficient for most clients. But, if it doesn't work with your client, also try setting:
Connect Port: 5222
Connect Server: jabber.club.cc.cmu.edu

You do not need to use any "register account" option to use the server. Your account will be automatically provisioned if you attempt to log in with the correct credentials.


My username/password don't work anymore. What gives?

The new server uses Computer Club Kerberos for authentication, while the old server had its own database of users and passwords. You should be able to login with your Computer Club username and password.

Will my data (rosters, etc.) on the old server be transferred to the new server?

If you logged in to the old Jabber/XMPP server in the past three years, we transferred any persistent data from the old server to the new server.

My JID wasn't based on my username. Is there any way I can use my old JID?

E.g., a bunch of people have me as something-cool @ club.cc.cmu.edu on their rosters, but the new server forces me to be boring-username @ club.cc.cmu.edu!

If you need a vanity JID, we can arrange that for you. Contact operations AT club.cc.cmu.edu to have us set it up.

Can I use a different password? I don't want to save my Computer Club password on my mobile device!

Yes, we can set up an XMPP-specific password for your account. Contact operations AT club.cc.cmu.edu to have us set it up.

I used the old server, but don't have a Computer Club account. Is there any way I can use the new server?

We can make this work if you need to maintain your club.cc.cmu.edu JID. Please contact operations AT club.cc.cmu.edu.

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